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What Stages of Your Marriage Relationship Can We Help You With?

Clients may come to Divorce Solutions of Florida needing one, two or all three levels of assistance:  1)  Pre-Divorce  2) Divorce and/or 3)  Post-Divorce.  While activities may overlap, it is important for clients to discern these stages as separate in order to determine their own particular needs.  The focus in each of these stages includes:


-Examine relationship (positives/negatives)

-Consider options (counseling, separation, divorce [negotiated, mediated, arbitrated,

collaborative or litigated])

-Client communicates thoughts/concerns and emotions about their life/marriage to an objective third party--the coach

-Client learns how to effectively communicate, minimizing emotionalism and maximizing rational thinking, focusing on solutions and not blame

-Determine whether a therapist should be consulted


-Coordinate Divorce Team per client needs (attorney, counselors, financial advisors)

-Collect and organize personal and business information to be compiled in the workbook

-Examine personal/children’s needs for the future. Client evaluates financial issues and needs for the future.  Establishes a working plan.

-Establishes a personal commitment to cooperation rather than competition when possible


-While this stage intersects with the divorce stage, in post-divorce, clients establish a solid direction for their future including personal, social and professional goals.

-Clients set actions they need to take on a timeline in order to achieve these goals which might include getting job counseling, a job search plan or returning to school; volunteering, seeking church or faith-based affiliations, looking at opportunities to re-establish a social life, etc.  The importance of this stage is that it helps clients talk about, visualize and plan their future, avoiding procrastination in getting on with their lives.

You decide which stages you need assistance with and your coaching will be personalized to those specific needs.

Note-  Divorce Solutions of Florida does not serve as legal counsel or provide legal advice.

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