If you think you might want to pursue coaching for relationship and/or marriage issues (pre-divorce, divorce, post-divorce) , you likely want to know what our fees are.  This is a general look at what to expect:

Relationship coaching:  $150 per hour  (with no additional hours.)  If you decide you want to work together more, your fees will be prorated to give you the best value.  

Package rates for either relationship, marriage or divorce coaching:

2 hours @ $135 or $270

3 hours@ $125 or $375

5 hours or more at $100 per hour

Paypal is accepted.

I work by telephone or Skype for clients who are not local.  In addition, I will always be available by e-mail  or telephone for crucial moments that I know will be valuable for you as needed.

The important point is that I will provide an objective, non-judgmental voice for you working with you to make the best choices on how you can move forward.  My work with you will be from where you are now to where you want to go.  It will include exactly what you need to move ahead successfully and avoid mistakes that are easy to make in the wake of pre-divorce, divorce and/or post-divorce decisions.

I'm here when you are ready.  Tonda

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